Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

AB- Aurora Borealis, a rainbow color coating

Accuflex- A brand of wire

AP- Antique Pewter

Beadalon- A brand of wire

Czech- A Czech Republic product

(D)- A natural gem, but dyed for color

(E)- Enhanced by electrical charge for color

FB- Foil bead (similar to lamp bead; foil is used for color)

FN- Findings, ie, “0”rings, spacers, crimps

FP- Fire-polished

F/W- Fresh water, such as pearls

French wire- very tightly coiled wire, used to protect threads at attachment point.

GF- 14/20 & 12/20 gold, (brass+ gold coating+ gold plating)

GP- Gold plated, usually over some type of base metal

(H)- Heated to enhance color

Lamp Beads- Hand-made on a rod in oven; created individually, therefore color, shape and size may vary

MF- Matte finish

mm- Millimeters; 25.4mm = 1 inch; common standard of measurement in jewelry

(N)- Natural; hasn’t been enhanced artificially for color

“0” Ring- A solder- closed jump ring

Platinum Quality- 49 ply (7 bundles of 7 strands) of stainless steel, nylon-color-coated

S/L- Silver-lined; bead hole is lined with a mirror reflection coating

Size 11- 2.1mm seed bead

Size 8- 3.1mm seed bead

Size 6- 4.0mm seed bead

Softflex- A brand of wire

SP- Silver plated

SS- Sterling silver

Tiger Tail- A type of wire

Vermeil- Gold plating over sterling silver; usually 18, 22 or 24kt