About the Artist

I hope you will take a few minutes to read this in order to have a little understanding of why, at 61 years young, I decided to undertake this enterprise.

I’ve been working with beads of one type or another for over 30 years. Most of it has been for Holiday decorations. My first attempt was for our Christmas tree. My interests expanded from that experience. In the past 2 years, I have concentrated on jewelry and found that I had more ideas than time. I will see a bead or a gem and without thinking about it, several designs and accents will pop into my head. At first, I gave the pieces away to relatives and friends who were very enthusiastic, but before I knew it, I had a dozen or so made and no one else to offer them to. So I decided to try my hand at selling them. But, living in a rural area, the sources and clientele was limited. That’s when I decided to try a web site. With the support of my husband and the beautiful work of my web designer, I hope to capture the attention of others who, I hope will be just as happy with my work as my friends. I am very critical of anything I undertake; to the point of exasperation by my husband and family, but I wouldn’t sell anything that I, personally wouldn’t be proud to wear.

I’d like to digress and tell you a little about myself. I spent my earliest years; from the first grade through teacher’s college in a Parochial school where we were required to learn knitting, sewing, crocheting and a host of other crafts. If it wasn’t done right, you did it until it was. Perhaps that is where the artistic creativity was born. Of course being a Virgo is probably where the perfectionism comes from. (Believe me, I am not perfect but I do try). I’ve had a very full and privileged life; with a husband who is behind me in every thing I attempt; a stint in the Military had me in great physical shape, and I became active in outdoor sports such as skiing, scuba diving, tennis, volleyball and fly fishing. I also followed my husband to wherever his job took him, including living in the Mid East for over 7 years. This gave me the opportunity to travel to Europe, Near East and Far East where I learned a lot about gems and jewelry. Everything was going great until @ 10 years ago when I sustained an injury to my right shoulder. Thankfully it didn’t become a total disability as my syrinx did, also due to my sports activities. Believe me, I am not complaining, but just trying to explain why I am restricted to my home. Now, my mind and my hands are the only parts that can be active and, believe me, keeping up with them is a task in itself. In every sport I participated in, I strove to be the best. It doesn’t mean I was, but I always gave it 110%. Now that I am disabled, I have channeled that energy into expressing myself creatively and I am enjoying my entertainment with beads and gems immensely.

I would love to hear from you with comments or questions so I have included my e-mail address and phone number.
Thank you, Dyan